Oh, Dear

Where did the time go this week? It seems like just yesterday, it was Monday. Now, it’s practially Saturday. I suppose I can attribute this to holiday obligations, gift-making, travel preparation, et cetera. Sigh. At any rate, it’s now Friday, the day upon which I would normally do something memetic. But it appears that my bluff has been called and I am now honor bound to write a sour and misanthropic description of what I had for lunch. Well, so be it.

Did you know that it’s rained every other day this week? Big deal, some of you might now be saying, In my neighborhood, it’s twenty below with the wind-chill factor. You have my carefully crafted semblance of sympathies. And yet, I imagine that your neighbors know how to deal with weather. Here, we have one sort of weather. When that goes away, people panic. They don’t usually panic for too long, since the rain or whatever usually only lasts for two to three hours. It does not, as a rule, last for an entire day.

Apparently, our fine civil engineers haven’t even considered that possibility since the late Forties, since the streets were seething with water. Let me tell you that San Diegans don’t know how to drive when the road is slightly dampened by a heavy fog. So you can imagine the sort of havok that was wrought when water flowed down the asphalt like a river.

As for what I had for lunch, I vaguely remember that I ate at a Chinese chain restaurant. The food itself was unremarkable, but for some reason this particular eatery always seems to be out of trays. I’m therefore expected to carry a floppy paper plate full of saucy food in one hand, and a drink, fortune cookie, fork and napkin in the other. Humph. I’ve just lost all faith in humanity. (That there was your sourness and misanthropy, unless I’m mistaken.)

Join us again tomorrow, when I either complain bitterly about holiday parties or warmly endorse something else entirely.

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3 thoughts on “Oh, Dear”

  1. Aw, Erik, I’m sorry! I thought you were going to make a separate post for the asking of the three questions. You know me, I would’ve at least asked what color socks you’re wearing.
    Still… I enjoyed hearing about lunch, even with sourness and misanthropy.
    We didn’t have too much rain here, but we did have significant cold for several days and that is tough to take here in south Texas. We complain while we shiver in 40 temps because we have no other footwear besides flip flops. LOL!

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