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Now Reading: Magic Kingdom For Sale– Sold!, by Terry Brooks.

Just Finished: Silicon Dreams, by Greenberg and Segriff.

When in doubt about what to read next, I try to reach for an anthology of short stories. The less interesting stories can be endured briefly or even skipped entirely without fear of missing a detail that may be important later in the book. Although it is possible that a good editor may be selecting and arranging the stories with an eye toward comparing and contrasting, or to elaborate upon a running theme, I like to think that such an editor would not choose stories so excruciatingly dull (or poorly written) that I would skip any of them. Of the stories in this volume, the most memorable to me were "Freddy Nearby," in which a man purchases a robot hairdresser that is programmed to kill; "Keepers of Earth," which was sort of a darker version of Wall-E; and "Take Two," which takes the idea of automated production to an extreme. While the collection was thought provoking, it was not remarkably so, but it did keep me entertained at the laundromat and on the airplane.

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  1. Weirdly, I find I often don’t have the patience for short stories. It’s a shame because there are so many good ones, and when I do read them I like them, but it’s like I’m afraid to commit to something that I know I’ll be done with in ten minutes.

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