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Now Reading: Star Trek Vanguard: Harbinger, by David Mack.

Just Finished: Star Trek: Cry of the Onlies, by Judy Klaas.

The thing about Star Trek novels is that sometimes they’re pretty good. Most of the time, they’re okay. Every once in a while, one comes along that’s extraordinarily bad. This one didn’t quite make it into the third category. That having been said, let me now say ack! This story had the potential to be interesting, but I feel the pacing was thrown off kilter when the author spent at least the first hundred pages (almost half the book) describing the conditions of Boaco Six. Only then did she return to the situation of the Onlies— the title characters— a group of children granted perpetual youth as a side effect of a deadly disease. At that point, Boaco Six was all but forgotten. But then, the formerly immortal human called Flint entered the story, and the Onlies were upstaged yet again. They finally returned the favor at the climax of the story. The idea behind this story— let’s introduce two formerly immortal characters from two separate episodes of the original series— was an interesting one and may have had some potential. Unfortunately, the disappointing way that the big introduction finally happened, and (again) the pacing, both conspired to make the story flat and belabored. Le sigh.

This is a Bookcrossing book, so I think I’ll take it up to my brother’s at Christmas and lose "release" it there.

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  1. It can be a lot of fun. Just don’t get discouraged by the low journal rates of wild releases. I think I’ve had a total of maybe four or five wild releases that I ever heard from again. But trading by rings, rays, and bookboxes with other members is also great fun.

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