NaBloPoMo Finish Line

It’s the last day of November, and this is my thirtieth post this month! I think that means we can consider the NaBloPoMo 2008 challenge successfully completed!


Not that I’m gloating or anything. Were I to gloat, disaster of some sort would most assuredly follow.

Look out for that comet!

Anyway, I’m not through quite yet. The registration for the Holidailies challenge opens tomorrow, December 1st. It’s another blogging marathon challenge which runs from December 5th through January 6th. I plan to enter that as well. I’m pretty sure there’s no promise of fabulous prizes, and there’s no requirement that one post something every single day of the challenge. There is nothing at stake and no threat… beyond the shame of defeat.

Defeat! Arrrghh!

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