Memeday Challenge Reissued

Hello, Readers,

Some of you may have noticed that I have a little rule about memes. I do memes on Fridays, and only Fridays. Memes are contagious, you know, and it’s best to keep them isolated so that they don’t crossbreed and create some sort of mutant doomsday supermeme that infects the entire blogosphere and reduces everybody to mutually-tagging questionnaire-filling zombies.

Memes are also somewhat addictive as a crutch for creativity. With my Friday rule, I know that there’s at least one day a week in which I can phone it in, or at least have a bit of fun in mocking especially vacuous and insipid collections of questions. It’s sometimes not as easy as it sounds. Occasionally, there are dry spells in which memes fail to propagate from distant, poorly-connected regions of the blogosphere. Weekly prompt sites sometimes run out of steam. I’m almost ashamed to admit that I’ve sometimes found myself Googling for interesting memes to resuscitate, culture, and observe.

So last Tuesday, I tried an experiment, which I think I’ll repeat once more before I decide whether to make it a regular feature. The Memeday Challenge is once again issued to you readers. I invite each of you to submit three questions which I will try my best to answer next Memeday, by which I mean Friday. If no suitable questions are submitted, I will once again have no alternative but to write a testy and surly description of whatever I have for lunch that afternoon.

In the meantime, I’ll tag myself for the 6X6 Flickr Meme. Feel free to play along. You know you want to.

Q. What is the sixth picture on the sixth page of your Flickr account?

A: It’s called Your Socks Don’t Match.

Your Socks Don't Match

May your socks always match,

The Electronic Replicant

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3 thoughts on “Memeday Challenge Reissued”

  1. What is your favorite holiday treat that you only get during the holidays?
    What is your best Christmas memory?
    Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve?

  2. When matter converts to energy (such as matter/antimatter annihilation or thermonuclear reactions), what happens to the related gravitational field?
    Where do socks that disappear in the drier go?
    What did you have for lunch on friday?

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