A study suggests that installing blue street lights may reduce crime rates and suicide attempts. Though there are figures to support the correlation, we should not jump to any hasty conclusion about causation. That having been said, I find the weird amber light of sodium lamps to be unpleasant and depressing. Let’s get rid of them once and for all!

Dear Santa, I want a water jet machine! And a 3-D Printer! And I want to put them in a secret room behind a secret door bookshelf! Or if that’s asking for too much, you can get me the keyboard from outer space.

And finally, for your listening pleasure is a wonderful rendition of Late Night Science Fiction Picture Show that’s been tormenting the inside of my head for at least a week now. Some recommend countering such an earworm with a rousing rendition of Spider Man or Yellow Submarine, but I find that sometimes you just have to play along until you know how to end the song. How about you, dear readers? Do you have any unusual earworm cures?

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