2008 in Review

With just over 24 hours left in 2008, I thought it would be an appropriate time to look back and reflect on the year. Suddenly, a fantastic idea spontaneously occurred to me from the blue with no outside input whatsoever. What better way to to reflect on the past year, I thought, than by highlighting my most memorable or interesting posts of said year? Brilliant! Actually, that’s a just a wee bit of a fib. In fact, I stole the idea in its entirety from Dead Robot. You know what they say, "Good artists borrow, but great artists steal." Nevertheless, let the highlighting commence!


January’s winner is Faulty Analogies, in which I compare Windows and Linux to rooms in a house. I didn’t mention MacOS, but this was only because I’m not all that familiar with it. Would it be the home theater room, perhaps?


After careful consideration, I chose February’s winner based on coolness (read: robot factor.) Man From Mars  was about a photo of an Iron Giant promotional action figure that I took for a Photogamer challenge.


March’s clear winner is Breaking the Blogatorium, in which a poor, unsuspecting chain questionnaire is subjected to some well-deserved mockery.


April was the month of Letters, and as such provided many fine candidates. After careful consideration, I find I have no choice but to name An Open Letter To Noisy Eaters as April’s big winner. Noisy eaters drive me completely bonkers, as the letter clearly shows.

Honorable Mention: On the Evolution of Robotkind on its overwhelming robot factor.


May’s award goes to Weee? in which I shared my first impressions of the Wii and its various games.

Honorable Mention: Don’t Mosh Without It! Heavy Metal plus dangerous toys? What could possibly go wrong?


Friday the Memeteenth showed that I believe that one should be prepared for anything, or at least I like to talk about being prepared for anything.


July’s award goes to Crispy® Bacon on Lumpy Sandwiches, a contemplation of the sins of sandwichcraft.


August’s winning post is the one in which I discovered a Blog Excuse Generator. 


September’s award goes to OMG HAXORS! in which I ponder the way in which words change their meanings, and then go on to make a pun or two.


In October, I wrote An Open Letter to the Voters of California in which I attempted to reason with the voters of California to vote No on Propositon 8.

Honorable Mention: My Evil Plan to destroy the Earth by sabotaging the moon.


When October’s open letter failed to achieve the desired effect, I wrote a post In Which A Thanksgiving Season Rumination Goes Horribly Wrong 

Honorable Mention: Stupid Friday, in which another chain questionnaire is found wanting.


Project Weather Dominator attempted to identify the ideal winter holiday weather.

Honorable Mention: Wah Wah Wah for "most original sneering while suffering a cold."

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