Yet Another Random Prompt

Q. Where does real magic exist? Write about it.

A. What is real magic? Do you mean the sort of magic crones with warty noses might employ to turn princes into toads? Do you mean the sort of magic that would fill the hands of a white-bearded man in a sparkly hat with lightning and thunder? Do you mean the sort of magic that could make children fly thousands of miles through the air in minutes? If so, I’d have to say that its true home is in the boundless frontier of the imagination.

I’d say that my definition of real magic is that it is a feeling, and as sentimental as this may sound, it is the feeling of witnessing something beautiful, unexpected, and wonderful— and that can exist anywhere.

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One thought on “Yet Another Random Prompt”

  1. Wait a minute now… who are you calling a crone with a warty nose? That guy… I swear, he STEPPED in front of my wand just as I was about to zap that annoying Travelocity gnome into a toad and you know… I’m not even sure he was a real prince. I heard, he was actually little more than a puppet Vicomte with no real land to back his title because it was actually purchased for him by a horny duchess who everyone knows is wildly lacking in taste and… ah… restraint. So, you know… come on… ease up on the crone bashing, eh?
    Goodness… children flying!? I can’t imagine where you get such fancies!

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