Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Dear Friends,

Violence is not the answer.

I know you feel as though the straw has snapped the camel’s back. You’ve collectively endured petty taunts, been the butt of jokes, have endured harrassment, schoolyard beatings (and worse,) you’ve had to learn to hide because of it, and you’ve had to learn how to stop hiding. Indeed, you have a right to be angry. But do not allow yourselves to give in to hate. Above all, do not let yourselves become like those who caused your suffering. Do not sink to that level.


The Electronic Replicant

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4 thoughts on “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

  1. I have to agree with you. A couple of weeks ago I might not have as I was very angry and hurt. It really is time for us to work together as a community to win our equal rights. We need to reign in those who are committed to violence and channel their energy to working on change.

  2. Ok, I’m gonna be the first to call BS on the Christian group.
    So let me get this straight, they were being beaten, scalded with hot coffee, raped with dildos, etc, etc, etc… and they were all just like, “And then we sang songs to Jesus.”
    Uhm… right… lemmie put it this way if all of that were happening instead of going home and praying more they’d be going to the emergency room and then on to the police station to file charges.
    I mean seriously someone was pushed to the ground and kicked, but didn’t sustain any injuries? Uhm… right.
    The whole thing reads like, “We were all good and they were all bad! Look at how crazy those Gay people are!”
    Gee… really.
    They had to know that they would be confronted. There are places in this land you don’t go wearing your hood and white sheet, there are places you don’t go declaring black power, there are places that you don’t go flashing certain gang signs, and yes, Virginia, there are places you don’t go trying to “convert” gay people from their “evil” lifestyle into being “good upstanding” gay-hating Christians right after a major anti-gay bill has passed.
    I’d go so far to say that if I were a tinfoil hat type (which, of course, I’m not) I might even suggest that a group of people who believe that the gay lifestyle is wrong, goes down to a gay area of SF to preach the wrongity right after prop 8, gets into a confrontation, happens to have a video camera to record the yelling (oddly they didn’t manage to capture any violence or rape though), and then promptly goes home and posts all about the ordeals on various anti-gay blogs might have been on a… how would you say… fishing expedition?
    Having said that I will say violence is NOT the answer and, yes, people do have to get along.

  3. Yeah, obviously there was a major element of exaggeration present. “They were mean and yelling and I think someone threw litter that landed near us” somehow becomes the gay Inquisition. In my observation, I’ve found that the biggest liars of all are often the most “faithful.” Not always, but often.
    And yet on the other hand, how many times has either version of the scenario played out with the roles reversed? More than anyone will ever know. As satisfying as it may be to put the shoe onto the other foot, it’s not good. And it will only give the demagogues ammunition, true or not.
    I find your conspiracy theory intriguing. I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

  4. After posting my comment I was thinking back and something occurred to me that had just breezed past my mind the first time I saw it.
    This part of the original story:
    “Someone (Actually a person who came up and hugged and kissed some of us who he knew from the past) convinced some people that we were there to protest against the no on 8 campaign.”
    It just didn’t set right with me. So this person knows the Christian group and is friendly with them and then tells the larger group of gays that the Christians are there to protest the no on 8 campaign, thus getting the Christians in trouble and starting the violence. I kinda turned it over in my mind for a few minutes before it finally sunk in.
    So you have these people (the Christians) who are trying to save others from damnation and then someone they trust, comes up, kisses them, and then betrays them. After which those who the Christians are trying to save immediately persecute the Christians and subject them to violence.
    Sound familiar? Where else have we heard a story of a savior that is trying to save people from damnation, is kissed and betrayed by someone he trusts, and then is persecuted and subjected to violence?
    While I’m sure it played well on the anti-gay blogs where this was posted working the Jesus-Judas story into your “factual” account of a confrontation kinda kills your credibility a bit.
    Screw that! I’d say it _crucifies_ your credibility!
    Of course I only say that because it helps me to crack me up. :]

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