Weekend Update


On Friday night, some friends of mine from my previous job invited me to go see a band that one of them was playing in. We went to a mediated interpretation of a local dive bar. It was a rough and tumble place of the sort you wouldn’t want to take your mother, in exactly the same way that Starbucks is a hip and trendy local coffee house. Anyway, someone out there didn’t have to take his mother, since she came with her friends and sat a few tables over. She was wearing a naughty hat made of balloons. No true dive bar has magicians making naughty hats of balloons! Sadly, I didn’t get a naughty balloon hat, but at least I did get to hang out with some friends and to listen to some fine music.


A few days ago, the Weird Sound Generator board I ordered from MFOS arrived. While I could have ordered the WSG kit (which would have included all the required electronic components along with the board) I figured I’d probably have most of the parts I needed already. For the rest, I went to my local electronics store. Not only did they have the parts I needed for a much lower cost than the kit, but the cost was even lower than chain electronics stores and online vendors. Even better, some of the parts I found were unique: antique pots and milspec chips. Assuming this WSG works, it’s going to be unique.


Sunday was the day I got around to assembling the WSG. I completely assembled the board, and then realized I was missing a few items for the front panel. Since nothing was open except for Radio Shack and Fry’s (which are very expensive when it comes to components) I placed an order for the remaining components from Jameco. At least this will give me some time to think about a case to mount the project into.

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