I think we can all agree that some days are better than others. Some days, we awaken, bubbling with creative energy seeking an outlet. Some days, we are inspired by everything, from the burping of the coffee pot to the endearing habits of our co-workers. We may speculate as to the identities of those stuck in traffic with us, or so savor a noontime sandwich that we are moved to verse.

Other days, trying to raise even one original thought seems more difficult than wringing water from stones. The demons of procrastination may sit on our shoulders until the Sandman comes round. The trials of Life Itself may stand in our way wielding a flaming sword, trumpeting forth a stentorian "thou shall not pass."

The point is that the obvious secret to a daily posting regimen is to take advantage of the days of energy and inspiration to create a sort of reverse archive of reserve posts for those days that the Muse takes off.

But what if you’ve already written about the ever-so-cute-and/or-annoying thing your dog, husband, or child did today? Well, then, you may wish to take a look at a writing prompt generator. Many online prompt generators tend to be more fiction oriented, but here are a few which are not:

If none of those suit your fancy, a long list of writing prompts can be found here:

Happy posting!

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