q: I’m trying to clone a Linux disk partition with partimage. Both the computer to be cloned and the computer that will temporarily store the partition image have been booted with Knoppix. But for whatever reason, the partimage client won’t authenticate with the partimage server. Help, I command you, help!

a: I’ve read that there is a bug in some versions of partimage that causes it to compare a plaintext password with an encrypted password. Obviously, that will never match. If you experience this issue, try the alternate method of storing the partition image on a SMB or NFS share.

q: Okay, I tried that. I’ve shared a folder on a WinXP machine, but smbclient is refusing to mount it. It says my credentials were rejected, but I’m using my correct domain login! Why won’t this work? Why, for the love of all that’s holy? Why?

a: The universe is full of mysteries which will either never be adequately explained, or would drive you mad if you ever learned the truth. I have no wish to drive you even further into madness, so I will instead suggest you try creating a local user on your XP machine. It may work around the issue.

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