On The Crutch Of Random Prompts

Q. Aren’t you really just lazy? Explain the difference between laziness and real writer’s block.

A. Way to start off on the right foot, Miss Accusiefinger. If you were to ask me (and you just did) I’d tell you this. Laziness is wanting to do anything but write. Laziness will lead you to washing dishes, cleaning the toilet, raking the leaves, baking pies, anything to avoid sitting down to a blank white screen, and the infernal cursor blinking ever so mockingly.

Writer’s block, on the other hand, is when you want to write, but the internal editor goes out of control, deleting all your good stuff before you even have a chance to write it. Writer’s block has famously been compared to constipation. A writer sits down to write and nothing comes out. The internal editor won’t let the words flow.

The opposite of writer’s block is logorrhea, in which the words flow so freely that the pages can’t get from the typewriter to the wastebasket fast enough. Okay, so the metaphor is a little bit dated, but the point is that it’s better to have an abundance of crap than nothing at all. There might be something salvageable among all the crap that can be polished up and admired. But you’ll never know if you can’t even squeeze out the first word.

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