Far-Out Link-O-Rama

The theme for today ‘s Link-o-Rama is… "Computers of the 1970s!"

Our first exhibit is a collection of retro scenes from an IBM slide show. It would have been interesting to see the script for the show alongside the slides. It looks like he’s trying to sell something that today is taken for granted: an interactive database.

I've invented a word: ONLINE!

Our second exhibit has to do with the "lost" NASA tapes. A pile of computer tapes storing data from the Apollo missions has been in Australia for the past few decades. A compatible tape drive has been located, though it is in need of restoration, and scientists hope that one day soon the data will be recovered.

Our third and final exhibit of the day is the amazing Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. I had the opportunity to tour this museum a few years ago. It’s really quite amazing to tour the collection and see in person the giant calculating machines of the sort my grandmother might have used, had she been a computer operator. Though primitive by today’s standards, these dark and silent machines remain as monuments to those who built them: scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

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