Christmas Gift Ideas

Not sure what Christmas gift to get that diehard Star Wars fan this year? How about this Han Solo desk? This stylish glass desk featuring a smuggler encased in carbonite is sure to impress guests and inspire coworkers to new heights of loyalty and productivity.

I like my favorite decoration WHERE HE IS!

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas”

  1. That is so awesome, I almost want to start my own business just so I can put that desk in my office.
    Well… either that or it’s completely ridiculous and repellent.
    I can’t decide which, but I know for sure that people would form opinions about you immediately upon seeing that desk.

  2. I have been ruined for Star Wars… I can’t see the carbonite Han Solo without thinking of Drawn Together and Toots as Jabba yelling “Bring me the Han Solo” and then dipping into him with an ice cream scoop.

  3. TitanKT: Ridiculous certainly has its place. Oh, my, yes. So does repellent.
    Matthew: I can’t quite decide if a life-sized Han Solo ice cream sculpture is a great idea or a horrible one.

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