Another Totally Random Prompt

Q: According to you, what’s the easiest thing to avoid? Write about it.

A: The easiest thing for me to avoid is, sadly, saying no. I admit this makes me into something of a pushover at times. I somehow find myself having agreed to all sorts of onerous tasks and activities.

Part of this is, I think, due to answering factually to certain types of questions. "Is it possible to…" Well, of course it’s possible. Nobody seems to care what I tell them after that point, such as that the task in question might take three times longer than the age of the universe to complete. I guess is it possible to translates into crazy-speak to do you volunteer to. In the future, I will simply answer such questions with a thunderous "Impossible!"

Then again, there are those people that just keep repeating variations of one question until they get the answer they want. As the saying goes, I try not to conclude malice when stupidity will do. But I have come to see that some people see this form of questioning as a game or perhaps as a form of negotiation. In the future, when I recognize this behavior, I will announce that the line of questioning grows tiresome and refuse to answer any further questions.

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