A Moment Of Levity

I would have scored higher, but they ran out of questions.

Your result for CARTOONS OF THE 80′S QUIZ…

80′s Cartoon Super Ninja!

You scored 39 points on Knowledge. Outstanding!

Congratulations–this is the highest score possible! You must have been seriously obcessed with 80′s cartoons…You got so many right, you could’ve made a killing if you’d bet on your result!


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3 thoughts on “A Moment Of Levity”

  1. True Child of the 80′s!
    You scored 28 points on Knowledge out of 43 possible. Well done!
    Wow! You probably watched your own favorite cartoons, as well as those of your siblings or friends. Your knowledge of these shows is above and beyond the average viewer!
    Heh! I think I did pretty good considering I wasn’t really watching cartoons much any more in the 80s. Although, we did watch He-Man because… he was hot… and we were always stoned. HAHAHA! We also loved Thundercats and G-force.

  2. Oh, I also cheated a little, too. I only know about Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because my kid watches that stuff now.

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