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Now Reading: Ilium, by Dan Simmons

Just Finished: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.

I was a pleasantly surprised that I liked this book a little more than I prepared to, even though it was basically a straightforward Chosen One story in the style of Star Wars or The Matrix. I found the theme of this book to be pretty similar to The Sword of Truth series. That is, a young man discovers strength within himself and uses it to defeat his enemies.

This is a slightly older book, published in 1985, based on a short story written in 1977. Just as with Wetware, it’s interesting to see how themes and ideas have developed since then. For example, in Ender’s Game, students are provided with desks (portable computers) that can run a "fantasy game," which psychologically analyzes and specially guides each student. This peripheral concept is made into a central theme by the later Diamond Age, Or A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer, which explores it more fully.

In conclusion, not at all a bad book, but I think I prefered Diamond Age. Oh, and Neuromancer. ;)

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