Another Letter to Voters

Dear Voters,

Many of you will vote for President based on who you think might or might not raise taxes. I would like to remind you that the President does not directly set tax policy. In fact, this is the responsibility of Congress. The President may veto any bills he pleases, tax-related or not, and may make suggestions to Congress, but the President’s only official connection to taxes is to execute the policy implemented by Congress.

If you are really concerned with taxes, you may wish to take a look at your representatives in Congress. I know most of you don’t. You vote for the President, and if your Senator or Representative happens to be up for reelection at the same time, you tick the box for the incumbent, thinking, sure, he must be doing a good job. Some of you even may even do this when the incumbent has been in office for decades while collecting loads of money from wealthy special interests. This time, please ask yourself how well such an individual really represents you, your neighborhood, or your city. Then vote with your conscience.


The Electronic Replicant

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One thought on “Another Letter to Voters”

  1. Good point!
    I had a very scary conversation with my grandmother the other day. I can’t even repeat it in public I was so surprised but it was good incentive for me to tell everyone I know to vote. Carefully.

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