Week in Update

I guess the pool with the cocktail bar was heated. Stupid Global Warming! But seriously, the reason I’ve been so quiet lately is that I had to RMA my bionic hands have been far too busy being delicious am struggling to stay afloat in a rip current of mundanity. Furthermore, in this rip current, some unwelcome-and/or-annoying, yet utterly mundane situations have arisen. As a result, I have been giving thought to changing my name and moving somewhere far, far away, such as Miami or France or Baltimore.

But rather than liquidating my possessions and crafting a technically real, yet wholly phony alternate identity, I have so far spent the weekend sitting on my couch immersed in Rock Band 2. And what has this taught me? Were I ever to have auditioned for American Idol, I would not have been the guy who impressed the judges by choosing an easy but obscure lounge song in his vocal range. I’d have been one of those people who made it on to TV by being not just bad, but extraordinarly bad.


Here’s hoping the mundanity passes and things can get back to their usual interesting selves.

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3 thoughts on “Week in Update”

  1. Hmmm… unwelcome, annoying AND mundane. That’s not… Romancing-the-Stone-type unwelcome and annoying… that’s more like… you pay your insurance bill via EFT online and then find out a month later that the payment never went through (first time in six months!) and you never checked because it’s never been a problem before and all of a sudden you find you’ve been driving around a whole month without insurance and now you have to pay extra to “reinstate” your policy because no one but you is ultimately responsible for the EFT not going through because the EFT transfer Web site isn’t theirs and, to be honest, it’s not that reliable. Whew! If that isn’t unwelcome, annoying AND mundane I sure don’t know what is. So, uh… I can relate.

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