TGI Memeday

I wanted to do the Google Image Meme today, but I didn’t like what I was coming up with, so instead, here’s Friday Fun: This or That Edition.

1. You are in an adventurous mood. Do you go deep sea diving or sky diving? Any idea where you would like to do it?
I would love to go scuba diving at some beautiful tropical reef somewhere, just to see all the exotic fish and corals and other creatures in their natural habitat. Then, afterward, I would lie on the beach drinking rum, and a little later we would all build a fire and make fish tacos, and then we’d drink more rum and sing and dance. The next day, I’d wake up in a fancy room at an island resort curled up next to the toilet, covered in what used to be rum and fish tacos, but you know what? It might be worth it.
2. You just won an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world. Do you go to Japan or to France? Why?
Oooh, tough choice. Japan, or France? Paris or Tokyo? Wine or sake? Eiffel Tower or Mount Fuji? *sigh* Well, they don’t have creepy blue androids in France, so I think I’ll have to go with Japan.
3. You meet a stingy genie that will only grant one wish. Do you wish for more money or a better body? Why?
Oh, a better body. For sure. As long as this genie’s not one of those literal genies— you know, the type that would summon a body of ideal proportions and then lay it at your feet. Or the type of genie who takes artistic license — you know, the type that would take the liberty of changing your species. Or a pissed-off genie like the one from Wishmaster— you know what? I think I’ll just take the money, even though it’s sure to be cursed, or booby-trapped, or stolen, or fake, or all of the above…
4. You have $50 burning a hole in your pocket. Do you head to the book store or to a spa? What would you get?
Bookstore. I’m not sure exactly what I’d get. I suppose it would depend on which bookstore I ended up at.
5. It is time for a caffeine jolt. Do you go for the coffee pot or for the soda? Any favorites?
Not long ago, I’d have headed straight for the soda machine, but the break room now has one of those single-cup coffee makers. You know the sort. You pop in a plastic thimble full of coffee grounds, press a button, and moments later, a steaming cup of joy awaits you any time of the day! For FREE! Wheee!!!
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