Today, I have three highly-to-mildly amusing timesinks for you, presented in order of sinkiness.

Not Always Right is a hall of shame of evil and stupid customers. Even though I long ago put in my time on the far side of the counter, I’m still amazed at how insane some people can be. It seems to me that some people have this bizarre sense of entitlement about themselves, as though merely existing were enough to make one not just special, but practically royalty. I’m kind of reminded of the drive-through woman from a Burger King ad who imperiously demanded to speak to a manager after learning that she would not be sold the hamburger she desired. I’m sure she threw a tantrum when she reached the window. A tantrum over a hamburger. A hamburger which, by the way, the company is not obligated to make available.

I find ridiculous the people that insist on having their own way and who resort to bullying and spurious logic to try to get there. I understand (all too well!) that people sometimes make mistakes, but I’ve never understood exactly what insulting the person who made the mistake is supposed to accomplish.

“To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals courtesy, to inferiors nobleness.” – Benjamin Franklin

Next, we have Basic Instructions, a webcomic. Although the drawing style is quite plain and is clearly meant to suggest that of the Federal disaster preparedness brochures, the writing is truly hilarious and had me laughing out loud much of the time. It joins Darths and Droids and We The Robots in my trusty feed reader.

Say, did’ja ever hear how I used to keep up with web comics in the old days? Why, I kept a list of sites in a text file and had a perl script that would visit each one (using lynx) and then compare what it found on this visit with what it found last visit. I don’t remember exactly why I stopped using it, but I kinda think it had somethin’ to do with some of those strips peggin’ me as some kind of bot. Dunno where they’d get that kind of crazy idea. Why, if people had understood how to use RSS way back then, why, then, I’d probably still be reading those comics.

Ahem. Finally, I call your attention to this photoset, Video games in Lego. I could just restate the obvious here— that it’s a set of photos of Lego reconstructions of classic video game scenes— but I think a picture would illustrate the idea a little more nicely:


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