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Now Reading: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Fine, I’m reading it, okay? Now stop asking.

Just Finished: A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius, by Dave Eggers.

So, as you may recall, Dave Eggers was recommended to me based on a complex mathematical algorithm that took into account my personal tastes based on how I rated a bunch of books that I wanted to get rid of. I didn’t know quite what to expect upon reading this book, but was quite pleasantly surprised. In fact, it seemed eerily familiar, almost as though it were something I, myself, would have written.

So, what is the heartbreaking work of staggering genius? It’s the story of a young man and his kid brother who lose their parents and then move to California. Most of it has more to do with the narrator’s internal state, his reaction to events around him, than to the events themselves. I quite liked it.

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4 thoughts on “Now Reading”

  1. i’ve had ‘genius on my night stand for eons – i need to pick it up and actually read it.
    i think i will based on this..

  2. Why are you so defensive about Ender’s Game? Has someone given you a hard time about not having read it before now? I read it, btw. It was good but I don’t know that I’d place it in the pantheon of MUST READ sci-fi, although I am well aware that others would. I liked Forever War much better than Ender’s Game. Or maybe I just got soured on Ender’s Game because I read the next subsequent book about the piggies who turned into trees and hated every page of it. Why did I read the whole thing you ask? Good question. I guess it became a point of honor. Plus, I kept hoping it would stop being so… gross… and… weird.

  3. Kyle: I hope you enjoy it.
    TitanKT: Yes, someone has given me a hard time about not reading THE BESTEST BOOK IN THE WORLD EVAR on numerous occasions. And it keeps cropping up on TOP 10 OMG READ THIS BOOK NOW lists. If I happen to like it, fine… and if not, I can say, “Pfff, Neuromancer was a LOT better.”

  4. I predict that you will say Neuromancer is way better… but you’re right. At least when you say it after you’ve read Ender’s Game that’ll be a more informed opinion.

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