q. Dear wise, merciful, and all-knowing Electronic Replicant, whose wisdom is matched only by his generosity, whose generosity is matched only by his patience, and whose patience is matched only by the contents of my numbered Swiss bank account,

I find myself in the unenviable position of having to use Microsoft Word. Furthermore, I have to apply the strikethrough effect to text seemingly at random. I have been assured by other sources that there is no keyboard shortcut to do this, unless I want to create a thing called a macro. That sounds to be far too complicated and scary a task for one such as myself, who desires simply to complete one tedious task, not to compound it with bells, whistles, and other fooferaw. You know about computers, surely there’s something you can do?

a. Although I’m flattered by your elaborate groveling, it’s not necessary. This is the Electronic Replicant, not the Usenet Oracle.

But seriously, anybody who tells you that you must create a macro if you want to use the keyboard to apply the strikethrough effect is lying. In fact, there is a keyboard shortcut for strikethrough. It’s ALT-OFK, [Enter]. This pulls down the Format menu, chooses Font, checks Strikethrough, and then applies the effect, all in four easy keystrokes.

You can apparently also do the same thing in three complicated keystrokes: CTRL-D, ALT-K, [Enter], but I find it easier just to hold down ALT and type OFK than to switch modifiers.

Now, about that Swiss bank account…

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