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Now Reading: The Shockwave Rider

Just Finished: Pandora’s Star

Books that tell several interweaving stories at once can be quite interesting. If the author is a storyteller with an impeccable sense of pacing who can throw in creative cliffhangers where appropriate, such a book can be quite a page-turner. Unfortunately, if one of the threads is less than interesting, then finishing the book can become quite a chore. In this case, the chore may have been in vain, since this book was quite obviously written to kick off a series. Very little was resolved by the end— quite disappointing.

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2 thoughts on “Now Reading…”

  1. When you mentioned interweaving stories I instantly thought of Gibson’s Count Zero. You’ve read that, right?
    I’m still working on the one I mentioned months ago… it’s not that I’m really this slow a reader… er… well I am when the only time I read is after I get in bed. Anymore that means I read about two pages (often less!), so the going is very slow. What’s great about this book is that it’s military sci-fi and could easily be impenetrable, but it’s quite easy to understand the tactics, strategy and technology in this book. It’s good, but it’s not great… as you said, not exactly a page-turner.

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