Happy Blogaversary!

Amazingly, my first post on this blog was on August 8, 2006. I don’t think that would have expected, back then, for this project to have carried on this long, but I’m pleasantly surprised that it has. This blog was originally started as a way for friends to keep track of me, and then for me to share details of other projects and such that I might be engaged with, and also for me to share obscure, hard-won information with the Web in general. Over time, the meaning of the blog has changed, and today, I’m hard-pressed to say whether The Electronic Replicant really has any unifying theme, other than just being a collection of things that I find interesting. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Anyway, I’d like to thank each and every reader (yes, even you) who provided the comments and feedback that made this project seem worthwhile. Thank you, and here’s to another 365 days online.

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5 thoughts on “Happy Blogaversary!”

  1. I looked for a card at Hallmark, but they didn’t have one that said “Happy Blogaversary”. So I have to do this the old fashioned way and just say “Happy Blogaversary to you!!!”

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