The Most Important Meal

They say the most important meal of the day is breakfast. And yet, I usually run out of the house with little more than a cup of coffee. If I’m lucky, I might also have a muffin or prepackaged cereal cup. If I’m unlucky, I might have plans to buy a candy bar from a vending machine, and if I’m really unlucky, I might be stopping at Starbucks. (I’ll probably feel especially unlucky over the next few weeks, seeing as how a change in scheduling has been decreed.)

I wish I had time to eat (not to mention prepare) a scrumptious, hearty breakfast every morning. I know a guy who used to have a TV dinner every morning. Maybe he was on to something. After all, what do you do after breakfast? Go about your day, right? And what do you do after dinner? Sleep, mostly. So why do most of us do the most after eating the least and the least after eating the most?

On the other hand, a microwaved Salisbury steak doesn’t really sound that appealing to me first thing in the morning, not that it will sound any more enticing later in the day. Call me weird, but I think I’d be happier with the efficiency of a compressed food bar or a vitamin-enriched nutrition drink, even if they really don’t taste that much better.

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7 thoughts on “The Most Important Meal”

  1. I use to live with a bodybuilder who would fry lean meat in the morning for his breakfast. nearly turned me off food for the whole day.
    Can’t you whip up an egg in the microwave and douse it with Salsa?

  2. My favorite breakfast: Maruchan Instant Lunch – Chicken Vegetable flavor. Nah, it’s not the healthiest, but I don’t care for sweet, especially in the morning. But it’s hot and tasty and I look forward to it everyday.

  3. DR: Microwave an egg? I’ve never even thought of that. I’ll give it a try.
    TitanKT: Instant? Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

  4. Ok, I’m late to the party… but I’ll add my $.02. After many years of buying breakfast foods and telling myself I would sit down to a good breakfast I finally just realized that I am a person who will choose sleeping an extra 5 minutes (ok, laying in bed) rather than get my butt out of bed and eat. It’s just who I am and, from the sounds of things, it just is who you are.
    I finally just gave in and stared buying lightly sweetened cereals that I could eat by hand. Things like Honey Nut Cheerios or granola based cereals. Once I stared doing that I could quickly pour a bit in a ziplock bag or tupperware bowl and then munch on it at work.
    For days I was extra lazy and couldn’t be bothered to pour a bit of cereal in a bag I had a stock of poptarts which can be eaten cold or hot.

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