Sunday, Sunday

Last night a friend was annoyed with my complaining kind enough to drive me to the all-night Walgreens for a bottle of Solarcaine. And to Denny’s.

Today we saw the new Batman movie. It was refreshing to see another take on the Joker besides the giggling maniac we’ve all seen on TV. The effects used to create the appearance of Harvey Dent were pretty impressive, also. On the minus side, it almost seems like they forgot to put nose holes in Christian Bale’s mask. He sounds a little congested or something in a few scenes. And if that’s my only complaint (other than the typical dramatic license taken with the laws of physics, as is to be expected,) then this must have been a good movie.

I devoted the rest of the day to clutter reduction. All I really accomplished was to partially clear off my desktop. There’s still clutter all around my desktop, all along the bar dividing the kitchen from the living room, throughout the living room itself, and with a foothold on the dining room table. Part of this is due to having an uninvited houseguest, but as for the majority of it, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s too much stuff that doesn’t have a place to go other than where it already is, and of course that is in the way of something else, or maybe supporting a pile of something else, or both. I think it’s time to just get rid of the stuff that has no purpose other than to get underfoot, and to get rid of the stuff that does nothing but occupy space in the closet (space that should be occupied by useful stuff), and to devise some sort of rational storage system for everything else.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday, Sunday”

  1. I seem to recall in the first movie he had a throat mike in the cowl to amplify his voice? Or I’m wrong and just filling in a gap where I want the movie to overlook things like that.
    I use to have a bar that divided rooms in my old apartment, right by the front door. Every so often the mound and avalanche that happened proved to me that the chaos theory worked well.

  2. Good luck with your de-cluttering adventure. If you’re successful I may hire you to help me, too.
    And I’m glad you got some Solarcaine.

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