Someone explain this

Here’s something I don’t understand: lettuce on hot sandwiches. I don’t know why sandwich shops insist on putting lettuce on hot, saucy sandwiches like barbecue pork, barbecue chicken, and meatball, but I wish they’d stop. There’s really no point to this practice. Lettuce is supposed to be cold and crispy, and provide something of a contrast to the mushier ingredients in the sandwich. On a hot, saucy sandwich, all the lettuce does is turn all warm and floppy and soft, rather like seaweed that’s been washed ashore and sitting in the sun all day.

I’ll take onions, I’ll take tomatoes, and I may even take olives or peppers. Just keep that lettuce away from my meatballs.

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3 thoughts on “Someone explain this”

  1. I totally and completely agree with that. The only way cold lettuce works on a hot sandwich, like say… a hamburger… is if you make it yourself and eat the sandwich instantly after putting the lettuce on. In almost every instance, the sandwich is just fine without the lettuce anyway.
    I also don’t prefer cheese on my sandwiches, unless the cheese brings some tremendous amount of flavor, like Swiss cheese on a reuben or something. But like, at Subway, they always want to stick a piece of gummy, flavorless American cheese on any sandwich I get (like tuna!) and I always say, “no thanks.”

  2. Ah, with tuna, I like to melt the cheese onto the bread (I like it lightly toasted). I like to think it keeps the sandwich from getting soggy.

  3. I don’t like lettuce on hot sandwiches either. What’s the point of it?? It just gets all soggy and wilty and limp and who wants that.

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