Satuday's Random Thoughts

Today, I consumed: 1 cup of coffee, with sugar and milk; a pair of peanut butter wafer bars; one peach; a Fudgesickle; a plate of chow mein, black pepper chicken and "beijing beef"; two colas; two corn dogs; 1/4 of a "Freezee" with M&M’s ; and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I eat pretty badly, don’t I? Or don’t I?

There’s no easter egg at the end of Hellboy II, so you don’t need to stay through the credits. Just go, so the theater staff can clean up all your litter and let in the next audience on time, rather than making the audience mill around in the lobby for twenty minutes. Better yet, take your greasy popcorn tub, your vat of melted ice, and your candy wrappers back out with you so the staff doesn’t have to spend twenty minutes cleaning up.

I’ll probably never get beyond the Easy setting on Rock Band’s guitar mode. I can’t seem to muster the dexterity in my little finger to hit the blue notes, let alone the brown notes. But, you may ask, you type, don’t you? Isn’t that basically the same motion? Well, yes and no. Despite my grandmother’s wishes, I never really subscribed to the Right And Proper School Of Touch Typing. I’m also no one-fingered hunter-and-pecker. Instead, I practice what I call the Tyrannosaurus Style of typing. That is, I use primarily the thumb, index, and middle fingers, although the ring finger is used for keys around the periphery of the keyboard, such as a and z. I really only use the pinky in conjunction with the ring finger to hit keys like Shift, Ctrl, Enter, Backspace, etc. I may not reach professional typists’ blazing speeds with this technique, but I type fast enough for coding, typesetting, etc. I’ve also been able to avoid any (noticeable) RSI, although I attrribute this more to the fact that I prefer a trackball to an ordinary mouse.

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7 thoughts on “Satuday's Random Thoughts”

  1. You would hate my keyboard. I was trying to teach myself the Dvorak method of typing which is supposed be easier then the QWERTY method. Now my keys, all except for the A and the M, are in the wrong place. If you do not know where the keys are supposed to be, you will be lost because hunting and pecking will lead to jibberish.

  2. BentonQuest: I would probably end up prying up the keys and rearranging them. ;-)
    Erik: “You made everyone in the world crap their pants. You’re OK.”
    DR: I think even a deaf person could play that game, since it’s all about catching blocks.
    TitanKT: It was quite tasty.

  3. We’ve been thinking about rockband since is just came out for wii.
    Or, getting another guitar for guitar hero. Not sure which would be better.

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