More Adventures in Pop Culture

This was my second full day at the San Diego Comic-Con. I joined up with my adventuring party just a wee bit late to even think of being on time to the Futurama panel, so instead we got pancakes at a nice little neighborhood restaurant I know. We then boarded the trolley, which was soon filled to capacity, and returned to the Convention Center.

As all of yesterday was spent attending panels, I planned to spend some time today on the convention floor. But first, I wanted to see the Cartoon Voices panel. I saw one year before last and it was almost worth the price of admission alone. This year, there was no almost. Gregg Berger, Alyson Packard, Phil Lamarr, Wally Wingert, Chuck McCann, and Keith Ferguson did a reading of an old Superman radio show with such fantastic delivery and brilliant ad-libs that had the audience literally in tears. There will be another Cartoon Voices panel tomorrow (although with six other actors) so I’ll return for that if nothing else.

After that, I did go to the convention center floor, which seemed to be even more crowded than ever. I bought a couple of tee shirts and met an actor from Torchwood. But soon, it was about time to go back upstairs and camp out in Room 6B. Our patience was eventually rewarded when the Mythbusters panel began. Apparently, Adam Savage had been walking around the convention floor in a Hellboy costume for most of the day. This leads me to wonder how many of those stormtroopers wandering around might actually be incognito celebrities?

After that, it was pretty much time to go home.

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2 thoughts on “More Adventures in Pop Culture”

  1. We went to see Dark Knight yesterday but it was so crowded we had to switch our tickets to another show.
    We saw Hellboy II instead, I thought it was good. My only complaint is that it did have a funny side but they showed all the funny parts in the trailer. Well, practically all the funny parts.

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