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I didn’t get to go to the ‘Con today, but this evening I did go to a special San Diego Symphony concert: Video Games Live. I’ve wanted to attend one of these shows ever since I found out about them. So when I found out there would be a show tonight, I knew I had to go.

The venue was quite pleasant, an outdoor stage in a park on the harbor. The symphony and choir, I thought, did well considering how unorthodox the show must have been compared to their usual performances. There was one young lady in the choir whose face appeared on the big screen during the performance of One Winged Angel. In contrast to the serious faces of the others, hers was smiling and enthusiastic, and I can only wonder whether she, too, is a fan.

The audience was treated to music from Final Fantasy, Civilization, Warcraft, Halo, Tron, Zelda and Mario. Speaking of which, the blindfolded Nintendo pianist was there, and he played a Final Fantasy medley as well as the Super Mario tunes that he became known for. The winner of a Guitar hero contest held just before the show, and the winner was invited onstage for another round, this time accompanied by the entire orchestra. He was awarded a shiny new laptop. Finally, a Castlevania tribute was played accompanied by fireworks launched from a nearby boat.

I’m happy that I went. There were a few times during the day that I almost changed my mind, and I’m glad I didn’t do that.

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3 thoughts on “Insert Coin”

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun!! I know my whole family would have enjoyed that show.
    It’s kind of like the Led Zeppelin show my husband and I went to see a while back – it was the Phoenix Symphony playing Zeppelin music, with a live rock band. There was a girl with an electric violin and a guitar player that was probably among the best I’ve ever seen.
    Some of the symphony were just “playing” but some really got into it, and they all had their tuxedos on and it was really a great show.

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