I'm Spicy

Today, I’ll talk about a little green fruit that I can’t seem to get enough of: the jalapeño pepper. Lately, I’ve been desiring them on and in everything, including the obvious (burritos, chili, chicken sandwiches) and the less expected (salads and tuna sandwiches.) But why?

Well, some say that the brain unconsciously learns which nutrients are in which foods and signals through cravings which nutrients that one is in need of. For example, there is the story of the man lost at sea whose cravings led him to eat the eyes and entrails of fish, rather than the meat, which apparently provided him with enough trace nutrients and moisture to survive until rescued. I also remember a story (Never Cry Wolf) in which the main character had to eat mice in the wilderness for a time. At first, he gutted the mice before cooking them, but found that after a while he began to intensely crave fat. Suddenly, it struck him that the wolves he was observing were eating their mice whole, and he realized he’d been eating the least nutritious part of the mouse the whole time.

Anyway, the point of this by now surely disgusting story is that my brain must have learned that there is some vitamin, trace element, or amino acid in jalapeños that’s not found in anything else I eat (as often.) But at least there are far worse things to crave.

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9 thoughts on “I'm Spicy”

  1. I’m with you on the jalapeno. Lately I’ve been putting them in peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, which is delicious (IMO).

  2. Are you eating fresh or pickled or canned jalapenos. I would eat them on everything, too, but my stomach won’t allow it. Is it the heat you like? Have you tried serranos?

  3. Most of the time it’s jalapenos from a jar (not sure if they’re pickled), although I’ll use fresh if I’ve got them (which isn’t often). I do like the heat, but I also like the taste with the PB. I have not tried serranos, but I will now (thanks for the tip).

  4. I’m glad I ate dinner before I read this!
    I think the last jalapenos I had were Lay’s Jalapeno & cheddar chips, which probably don’t count.
    My computer doesn’t recognize jalapenos as a correctly spelled word.

  5. jeff: Interesting, I may try that.
    TitanKT: Mine are almost all canned. I can’t remember having tried serranos. Guess I ought to.
    sari: Maybe it’s being picky about the tilde?

  6. Just a word of warning, serannos are significantly hot. They’re as tasty as jalapenos, just much, much, much hotter. Also not sure if you’d be able to find them canned or jarred… I’ve only ever seen them fresh.
    Also, sari, there’s a Mexican food restaurant in this town called Japaleno’s, which bothers us deeply because it’s misspelled. Come to find out there IS a word japaleno. However, the sign is still misspelled because a japaleno is a crunchy, little deep fried cricket but the sign on the restaurant has little peppers all over it. They meant jalapeno, they just messed it up.

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