From Lemonade to Vinegar

So, the day went about as I expected, though the parade lasted quite a bit longer than I thought it would. While I was spectating, I saw somebody I thought I recognized walk past, but I wasn’t quite sure about that, so I didn’t say anything. A little while later, I saw a group that I definitely recognized from my Flickr contacts, but I didn’t want to stop them all and be Some Crazy Internet Guy, so I again didn’t say anything. Then, much later, I ran across a former co-worker. In retrospect, I suspect he may have been trying to hide from me, but if I’m already prodding you with a big red circus balloon, it’s probably too late for that, bucko.

When the parade finally ended, I went to the festival and had a fairly good lemonade, saw an art exhibit, visited the beer gardens, wandered around for a bit, bought a sandwich (which was pretty good), visited the beer gardens again, listened to some music, then wandered around some more. There were some very interesting vendors, as you might imagine. As it was starting to get dark, I thought it was a good time to leave.

When I got home, I realized that I’d put on enough sunscreen everywhere but my forearms, which were salmon red and stinging badly. A little Googling suggested that vinegar, applied to the sunburn, might help with the stinging. And in fact, it does seem to have a soothing effect (for a few minutes) if one doesn’t mind smelling like a plate of fish and chips.

So, what’s on the agenda for tomorrow? How about something with no walking and no sunshine? I think Batman may be in my future!

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2 thoughts on “From Lemonade to Vinegar”

  1. There’s a particular blue aloe gel concoction that has lidocaine in it that you can buy at any grocery or drug store that helps take the sting out tremendously.
    I hope you enjoy Batman. I kind of want to see it as well, I was impressed by the reviews. Variety NEVER has good things to say about any movie that isn’t high arthouse/independent fare and their review was good, so I’m expecting good things from the movie. Plus, as anxious as anyone to see what it was that drove Heath Ledger into such a state. I heard his performance is especially powerful.

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