Bringing break back

Normally at lunchtime, I just jump in the car and drive to one chain eatery or another, depending on what personal errands I also need to run that day. Other times, I run across the street to the liquor store, or down the street to the coffee shoppe, and order a sandwich to be gobbled up at my desk. But on a few occasions, I’ll walk the opposite way for a few blocks to get away from the hubbub of tourists and folks looking to get the day’s drinking off to an early start.

This part of the neighborhood is much quieter. Cars pass by less frequently. Residences creep diffidently back to the street before fleeing again at the sight of a freeway onramp down the hill, leaving behind a few junk shops and a taqueria with a sidewalk cafe. It’s nice to visit there a little bit later in the afternoon, when the lunch crowd has gone back to where they came from, and to just enjoy a burrito in peace.

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3 thoughts on “Bringing break back”

  1. Heh, that’s CA for ya… I remember in high school I’d go to a liquor store for lunch with friends. We’d get cream sodas and bags of Funyuns or some other horrifying combination of junk food.
    I like the peaceful burrito scenario. I’d like to see idealized artwork of a peaceful burrito because burritos aren’t usually associated with peace.
    Like you could have a cute little “It’s a Small World” doll offering a neatly folded burrito (which would fit the Electronic Replicant’s creepy children motif) on a little plate to someone all angry and defensive. And the angry person would soften and then take the burrito, take a little bite from the corner and then peace would beam forth from his or her countenance as he or she experiences a shining moment of peace.
    Or… I don’t know, maybe I took that a little too far, eh?

  2. DR: Yes. (And they do make a good sandwich, too.)
    TitanKT: An eatery where the burritos are served by creepy child automatons? Genius!

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