Babycakes, indeed.

What happens when food enters the Uncanny Valley? It may look something like this.

I ate a baby! Get in my belly!

Fortunately, unlike the Bride Cake, this humanoid pâtisserie was not created to be eaten, but rather as a show of cake decorating prowess which won a gold medal at ICHF’s Cake International 2006. Its construction can be witnessed here:

via Dr. Benton Quest

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4 thoughts on “Babycakes, indeed.”

  1. I’d be kind of freaked out and fascinated if we were able to hand a knife to someone for the first cut and see exactly where they’d start.

  2. Erik, it seems as though you have a particular talent for finding the creepiest stuff related to kids and/or babies. Remember that Japanese robot thing that looked like a spastic kid? And then there was the whirlygig hat video… now this. How do you find such creepy kid stuff? *LOL*

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