Adventures in Pop Culture

Today was the first full day I spent at the San Diego Comic-Con, and as I predicted, I did spend most all of it listening to actors talk. And, as I predicted, I am still pleased with this outcome.

Although we got off to a late start, my adventuring party eventually made it out the door, to a 7-11 for last-minute snacks, and then to Qualcomm Stadium, where we boarded the trolley for the Convention Center. Once there, we went immediately to the Stargate Continuum panel, and arrived in time to hear Richard Dean Anderson explain what happens when one goes to the bathroom in subzero temperatures. Hint: things freeze. We then waited through the Stargate Worlds MMORPG presentation (note to self: sign up for the beta test) to see the Stargate Atlantis panel. The Atlantis panel members were asked how working on Atlantis compared to other sci-fi shows. Robert Picardo said that Star Trek took itself far more seriously and never allowed any "winking at the fourth wall." Jewel Staite said that unlike Firefly, "this one doesn’t get canceled."

We then sat and waited for the Ghost Hunters panel, only to learn that the lead investigators wouldn’t be able to attend. Rather than canceling the panel, the Sci-Fi network brought in investigators from the spin-off, Ghost Hunters International, so the time spent waiting wasn’t totally wasted. We also saw previews of some short films that will be distributed via the XBOX Live Marketplace. The interesting thing is, the films are comedies made by well-known horror directors. But, are horror and comedy really that far separated? Most of the panelists thought not. I would agree, and point to works such as The Twilight Zone, many of whose stories are practically jokes.

The panel mayhem continued with Venture Brothers. The show’s creator revealed that a fourth season of the series was already being planned. After that, I went to see Larry Marder talk about the revivification of his Beanworld stories. Tales from the Beanworld ran for about twenty issues and was last published in the early Nineties. The company publishing the books folded, and the Beanworld went on a long hiatus, leaving many, many questions unanswered. First among my questions is, what was the horrible event that left the Beanworld in the state in which we found it? We’ll have to wait until early next year, when the first new Beanworld stories will be published.

By this point, my adventuring party was pooped and cranky, so we went home and watched Doctor Who.

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