Time For Change

No, this post isn’t going to be an Obama endorsement. (Though I will vote for Obama just to send the message that it’s time for another generation to take over.)

What shall it be about, then? This fellow’s cartoon sums up my feelings nicely.

An occasional poop storm is to be expected now and then— that’s just life. However, when regular poop showers ravage the land, and when it appears that those around one have been (unintentionally or not) engineering the conditions for the Perfect Poop Storm™ (with assurances all the while that things will get better) one can’t help but feel a little nervous and perhaps a little angry.

I don’t enjoy disappointing people. However, I don’t enjoy being in a position that may eventually end in my becoming some sort of sacrificial scapegoat.

I’m happy to demonstrate dedication. However, I am not happy to have that dedication abused. It tends to dry up after that. I guess I’m funny that way.

So although at this moment, skies may be blue, and the sun may be shining more brightly than ever, I may just take a peek over the mountains and see if there isn’t a land with a less poop-inclined climate.

Long Way To Go

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