Spring Cleaning

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a simple chore can escalate into a major undertaking?

The building management will be sending maintenance by to check out the smoke detectors and such. I therefore spent some time tidying up. Enough that the place looks lived-in but not lived-in.

I had an aquarium behind the dining table. Had, until a bad case of tank crash. I rescued the survivors and gave them away to a good home, then let the thing sit until I had enough time to drain and dismantle it. Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, once there were no fish but an abundance of plants, the water began to clear. So I left it as a sort of water-filled terrarium (which would make it an aquarium. Narf!)

However, I realized that if I were to go ahead with the draining, I could move some of the bookshelves from the Secret Lab into that space. Then, if I were to get rid of the corner workstation that I’ve affectionately come to call The Monstrosity, I could move my workbench and my tool cart to the other side of the Secret Lab.

Then not only could I put a much smaller computer desk next to, or even under the window, I could also hook up and use the portable air conditioner during the summer.

I guess I’d better get started!

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