Relaxation Complete

Were it not for labor laws, your humble host would quite likely still be slaving away over a hot computer, with only bread and water for sustenance, a keyboard for a pillow, and an anti-static mat for a bed. Thanks, Nineteenth Century! I owe you one.

Friday Night:
Get Smart
I enjoyed this film a little more than I expected to. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had as much fun at a movie. It could be because I don’t find most of the comedies these days very appealing. It could be that most of them are about a) guys trying to get laid or b) ladies looking for love or c) parodies that might be funny if you’ve seen the exact movies parodied. I can think of only a few recent exceptions, such as Hot Fuzz. In fact, that probably was the last comedy I really enjoyed.
Star Trek Exhibit
On Saturday afternoon, I went to the San Diego Air and Space Museum, where a collection of costumes, set pieces, models and props from the various Star Trek series are being displayed. It was wonderful to get a chance to see these items close-up. I even sat on what I was told was the original captain’s seat. The lighting in the museum in general was pretty weird, and the cases all reflected like the dickens, but I still managed to get a couple of photos. I have put them into a set which you can see by clicking below.

Red Alert
Dick’s Last Resort
On Saturday night, I went to Dick’s Last Resort to meet up with some friends that I used to work with, and to listen to some good music. I realized that as unfulfilling as the work was at my previous job, and as awful as the customers were, the people that I worked with were really special. (This conclusion might, of course, have been fueled by the large amount of beer consumed by myself.)
LEGO Indiana Jones
I spent most of the rest of the weekend in the one air-conditioned room of my humble domicile, playing the LEGO Indiana Jones adventures. This game is a lot like the LEGO Star Wars Trilogy, with the obvious absence of Force-using characters. Although these games can involve a lot of obsessive-compulsive loot collecting (in order to unlock extra characters and levels) they typically don’t force the player to repeat one level over and over until the One True Sequence Of Button Presses can be divined.

In all, a pretty good weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Relaxation Complete”

  1. My son spent the weekend playing Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda… I haven’t had a chance to play Lego Indiana Jones yet… I’m still chained to my computer… probably will be at least until the end of the year.

  2. I want to see Get Smart, I always liked the tv show. And I want Lego Indiana Jones. My dad said he got it for my son for his birthday (Thursday) but I’m hoping it’s the Wii version and not the DS version.
    My family went and saw The Hulk this weekend while I yet again stayed home with the baby. But at least it was air conditioned, I can’t complain.

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