Experimenter’s Power Supply

I recently completed a little project that I’d been meaning to tackle for a while: a new Experimenter’s Power Supply.

My original experimenter’s power supply was just an AT power supply with the P8/P9 connectors chopped off. The remaining wires were screwed to a terminal block, which itself was held vaguely in place by wire tension. The power switch was insulated just well enough for me to avoid electrocution. The switch was screwed to an angle bracket, which was screwed to one of the power supply’s own mounting holes.

As you can imagine, I often considered putting the mess into some sort of enclosure, but never found the right enclosure— until recently. I found an aluminum CD box at Fry’s which was both large enough and made of a rigid, non-melty material. With that, everything fell into place.

Behold the results, if you dare:


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