Belated Elaboration

Some thoughts on One Word x 40:

Q17: Yes, "phenomenal cosmic power" is three words. But, it’s a better wish than "more wishes" and it’s a multitasker. Besides, if all I said was "power" then you all would think all I wanted was to be Emperor of Wazootystan. For starters, I also want to to bend space and time, to see the entire electromagnetic spectrum, and to launch fireballs from my behind.

Q26: Yeah, coy answer, wasn’t it? It could mean a number of things, such as "maybe I will miss someone soon," or "I haven’t decided whether this person is worth missing," or "do I still miss that person," or "yes, but I’m going to make you to guess who." That last one was how I’d actually meant it. But to spare us all a game of twenty questions, the answer is actually "sure, lots of people." Distant relatives, old flames, etc.

Q27. The car itself isn’t expensive as cars go. In fact, at one point, it seemed to be the most popular car on the road. But I did the math and it costs almost $10 in fuel just to drive to work and back. Then there’s insurance and of course the payments. And I had to get tires a few weeks ago. So it’s not exactly cheap.

Q37. You’re right, cilantro is an herb. I still hate it. I’m not exactly crazy about cucumbers, but those are technically fruit. Oh, I’ve got it, now: beets.

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