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Now: In The Blink Of An Eye: How Vision Sparked The Big Bang of Evolution

Just Finished: Shiny Adidas Tracksuits And The Death Of Camp

This book was a collection of articles from a magazine published back in the Nineties. As such, it was kind of an interesting time capsule. I can’t really say that anything in this book really spoke up and made me say wow, but for the most part it was an okay read. That’s the great thing about collections: at least the collected works are short and discrete.

I originally ordered this book from since their system recommended one of the authors, Dave Eggers, based on some of my past orders. I can’t say I really even remember what his article was about (I do now, since I just looked) nor whether I was remarkably impressed by it (meh.) Of course, the quality of an article that one squeezes out for a few bucks on the side may vary substantially from one’s Labour of Art, so I probably shouldn’t judge him based on this sample alone.

In related news, I signed up for LibraryThing the other day. My bookshelf at isn’t really representative of the sort of thing I like to read, since it includes a lot of books that I wouldn’t normally have read, but that passed through my possession for some reason or other. It also includes a lot of books that I obtained in trades and whatnot that I thought I’d probably read at some point, but that also remain unread and continue to glare accusingly at me from their shelves. Likewise, my bookshelf at is fairly volatile and consists mostly of books that I don’t want anymore.

What I wanted was a way to list the books on my "permanent" shelf and also a way to link to whatever I’m "Now Reading"… and LibraryThing fit the criteria almost perfectly. It also has a few fun toys like the Suggester (I should read Neal Stephenson) and the Unsuggester (I should not read the Shopaholic series.) Anyway, if you’d care to browse my library, here it is.

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