Though I risk of sounding like the Biggest Geek In The World, I hereby present a D&D flavored Link-o-Rama.

First is the list of Worst D&D Monsters of All Time. Oddly enough, or perhaps not so oddly, I was familiar with most of them (Gas Spore, check. Flumph, check. Stench Kow, check) but I had never before heard of the Worst Monster Of All Time, which had me literally howling in my chair.

Next is The DM Of The Rings, a photocomic that tells the story of Lord of the Rings as though it were a D&D campaign. While not exactly new, it’s still quite amusing, telling the tale of a story-bound DM and the player characters unlucky enough to be railroaded though his elaborate campaign setting.

I believe I’ve saved the best for last. Inspired by the previous comic, Darths and Droids tells the story of The Phantom Menace in the form of an RPG. This comic is just brilliant, and I was compelled to read it start to finish in one sitting. Unlike the characters in the previous comic, the ones in this strip seem to actually be having fun, and loads of it.

Anyone up for a game night? I think I still have all my old books in a box somewhere— no? Sigh…

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5 thoughts on “Geek-Out”

  1. i know the world thinks d&d players are ubergeeks (and maybe we are), but i can honestly say some of my favorite memories of college where when i was playing d&d…. and i was playing with the cool guys too.
    love your banner/image too – great composistion.

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