Open Letter to Drivers

Dear Drivers,

Have you ever noticed that there always seems to be that one crazy person on the road that totally ruins whatever maneuver you need to make? No? Then guess what, you’re that person.

Here are some of the things you’ve done today, and what you should have done instead.

NO. Stopped at a signal a full car’s length behind the person in front of you, thereby blocking access to the left turn lane.

YES. Moved forward to allow people into the left turn lane.

NO. Tried to beat the signal, turned left on aging yellow light. Blocked the intersection.

YES. Waited for next green arrow.

NO. Blocked traffic in right lane to encourage another driver to leave a parking lot.

YES. Continued on.

NO. Blocked both lanes of parking lot’s driveway while waiting to turn.

YES. Blocked only one lane of parking lot’s driveway.

NO. Parked behemoth monster truck in four parking spaces at once.

YES. Walked.


The Electronic Replicant

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3 thoughts on “Open Letter to Drivers”

  1. Mmmhmm… here’s the one that drives me most crazy… I’m sitting at some intersection needing to turn right and someone pulls up into the left turn lane so far that I can no longer see. So I pull up a little further, then left turner pulls up further. Note to left turner: My turn only concerns one lane of traffic, therefore, *I* will probably be able to turn before you can, so quit moving up so that I can’t see unless I pull my car up into to traffic.

  2. Argh! I hate that. However, I find that goading such a person into the intersection and then using their vehicle as a shield for one’s own right turn maneuver works pretty well. >:-)

  3. Did you know if you stop and let someone out of a parking lot into the road, you should not *gesture* them into the street? If you do, and they get hit, you could be considered responsible since you told them it was ok to come out.
    I learned that in traffic school (about 10 years ago, but still)…
    If you have to let them out, just stop and wait for them to pull out.

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