Open Letter to Corridor Congregators

Dear Corridor Congregators,

Excuse me. I don’t mean to intrude on your little get-together, but you leave me no choice.Maybe you haven’t noticed, but you’re gathered in a walkway, hallway, path, tunnel, or other public space which serves to provide access to elsewhere.

Although I respect your right to peaceably assemble, the fact that your group remains stationary whilst blathering away is making things difficult for those of us on our way to elsewhere.

You see, my dear corridor congregators, there’s only a limited amount of space in this space, and that space is meant to conduct traffic.

Therefore, may I humbly suggest that you and your entourage conduct yourselves to the nearest social space— be it a coffee house, food court, tavern, lawn or garden— and continue your conversation there.


The Electronic Replicant

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2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Corridor Congregators”

  1. Yesterday I was trying to drive through a parking lot and there was a car illegally parked while it’s owners jabbered to two guys on bikes.
    None of them would move so I could drive through, it was like finally they dragged themselves slowly out of the way so I could pass.
    Heavens, it wasn’t like I was trying to run them down, I just wanted to drive through like the parking lot was supposed to be able to do, you know?

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