April's Closing and Signature

Dear Blog,


Sorry for neglecting you this past week. I feel like I’ve let you down, Blog, since I know you were looking forward to a full month of letters. It wasn’t your fault. It was mine. Maybe I didn’t punch enough holes in the lid of the peanut butter jar that I put my muse in… or maybe my muse was just allergic to peanuts. Or, maybe my internal editor is just turned up too high. (I believe I’ve deleted more of this post than I’ve left in.) Or maybe I’ve just been too busy. (Pay no attention to the Wii behind the curtain! And inhale not its seductive new electronics smell!)

So, since this is the last day of April, I think it’d be appropriate to thank the readers for their patience with the theme of letters. So, thanks, readers!

And, since some of the letters were well-received (as well as fun to write) I think that the open letter format will be seen again… just not quite this often.


The Electronic Replicant.

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