April-BloPo-Mo InTro

Dear Readers,

The delightful people who put on the National Blog Posting Month have come to the conclusion that there are more Mos to BloPo.

It has therefore been decreed that every month of 2008 shall be a BloPoMo, and those who desire to do so shall be challenged to post every day for any given month. It has furthermore been declared that each month shall have its own theme, and that the theme of April shall be Letters.

Your humble host hereby admits that he freely, and in a moment of weakness, volunteered to participate in April’s festivities.

Although it is not mandatory that the Letters theme be adhered to, failure to do so carries the same penalty as failure to post once per day throughout the month— the shame of defeat!

However, your host is of the opinion that although every post already carries an implicit "Dear Reader," by making the salutation explicit and variable, the theme might encourage him to address topics he might otherwise pooh-pooh.

Your host would furthermore like to assure you that he has neither the desire nor the endurance to speak of himself in the third person for thirty consecutive days. He is certain that the gag has almost certainly already lost its charm, but is a firm believer in not changing gags in mid-stream.

In conclusion, it is becoming painfully obvious that this challenge should have been better thought through. Your host fully intended to close the post with "Until Next Time…" but as it happens, someone’s using that sign off, and using it quite well.



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