Another Open Letter To Drivers

Dear Drivers,

Consider this case. Two narrow but busy streets meet at a four way stop. Each street is divided by a double yellow line. Driver A stops at the stop sign. Driver B stops behind Driver A and waits patiently. Driver A’s reverse lights come on. Driver B assumes that Driver A’s having gearshift trouble and waits patiently a few more moments. Driver A begins making impatient gestures to Driver B. Driver B then realizes that Driver A means to parallel park in the space slightly behind Driver B. Driver B is aware that attempting to pass Driver A here would be dangerous and illegal. Driver B is also aware that going into reverse would also be dangerous and probably also illegal.

The proper thing to for Driver A to do here, dear Driver, would be to just move along and hope that the parking space will still be available after a trip around the block. What do you suppose Driver A actually did? Would you believe that Driver A instructed Passenger A to get out of the vehicle and announce to Driver B and the recently-arrived Driver C that Driver A not only intended to, but would park in that particular space?

What is it about the automobile that makes one believe that one is the center of the universe? Perhaps it’s some sense of insulation created when one’s got the windows up, the engine purring, the air conditioner roaring, and the stereo blasting. Well, dear driver, that’s only an illusion. If there is a center of the universe, it’s almost a certainty that it’s nowhere near any of us.


The Electronic Replicant

P.S. The proper user of the car horn is to warn other drivers of danger, such as— oh, I don’t know— a car driving down the wrong side of the road.

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3 thoughts on “Another Open Letter To Drivers”

  1. Heh, sari and I think alike because I was just about to post that one thing you can always count on is people doing STOOPID things in their cars.
    In fact, transportation in general seems to be something of a problem… people who fly on planes suffer from fits incivility and self-centeredness that is so out of proportion to reality there is no way they can really function in society like that all the time.

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