An Open Letter to Lazy People…

Dear Lazy Writers,

I was going to address this letter to "Lazy People Who Can’t Be Arsed To Use Proper Grammar And Spelling Because They Want Us To Believe That They Are Too Busy To Do So Or Because They Think it Makes Them Look Cooler Than They Really Are," but that’s ridiculously long and probably won’t even fit in the title field.

I see you Lazy Writers a lot in forums. Somebody will post a relatively well-written question, such as "How can I change the hardware address of my PC?" You will then reply to this with something almost lolcattish:

u cant do that bc its burnt into ur rom u get new card n use that one

Maybe your answer was technically correct, but I’m certain that almost 99% of people reading that thread are going to ignore whatever it was you were trying to say. Why? Because you look like a moron. Not cool, but a moron.

Are you really so pressed for time that you can’t afford the few extra seconds that it would take to not sound like a moron? You obviously must have some very important things that you ought to be doing, but then why are you spending time answering questions on a forum? I guess those things can’t be all that important after all.

In conclusion, dear Lazy Writers, stop being so lazy if you want people to take you seriously.


The Electronic Replicant

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